Inspiring links (from stress-relief to self-improvement)

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(Every week, I  publish a series of inspiring links. Enjoy this week’s round up on stress-relief & self-improvement!)

10 self-improvement apps to make you smarter,stronger and happier

For fast-acting stress relief, slow down and consider doing the  9 things happy people do to stress less.

A guide to becoming happy with life & who you are, while getting things done:   The Little Book of Contentment Zen Habits by Leo Babauta.

Instead of trying to get things done,we can make life more beautiful via subtraction.  A well-edited life focuses on less when everyone else is looking for more.

Don’t forget the past. Learn from it the countless life-giving lessons it has to offer.

Do something important today.

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Inspiring links (from wellness to simplicity)


(Every week, I  publish a series of inspiring links. Enjoy this week’s round up on time management,stress-relief & simplicity , take a look at your life and make the desired changes!)

How are you using your 86,400 seconds?

Get rid of anxiety and stress by using these 9 yoga tips to overcome anxiety disorder

Find order in chaos and savour the empty space by exploring The blank slate

Choose a lifestyle of excessive generosity- Bigger is not better

Say no so you can say yes to the things that really matter!

Simplicity is important because life is complicated

A quiet place is all we need to reconnect to our inner self.

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Inspiring links (from Art of Living)


(Every week, I  publish a series of inspiring links. Enjoy this week’s round up on stress-free living!)

A unique and entirely different approach to losing weight – Don’t lose sleep over losing weight

Breathe out exam stress with yoga and meditation (A must read for all the parents whose kids are appearing for exams next month)

Learn how to keep a relationship alive and exciting by knowing the Fastest ways to break-up

Promise – a beautiful poem by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, founder of Art of Living

Do it now: A child knew it long before NIKE

Alternatives for boozing, alcohol & addiction  A talk by Khurshed Batliwala, director of World Alliance for Youth Empowerment on how to come out of alcohol & addiction.

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