Inspiring links (from personal development to peace of mind)


(Every week, I publish a series of inspiring links. Enjoy this week’s round up from personal development to peace of mind!)

The 10 best personal development books for people who want to do fantastic work and lead magnificent lives.

9 ways to find peace of mind in tough times

10 things you should write in your productivity journal to translate your invisible thoughts to tangible ideas.

Getting rich isn’t about your level of education or IQ but rather how you look & think about money. How rich people think

Lessons learned from 11 years of travel by Chris Guillebeau, who recently completed his goal to visit every country on the planet.

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Inspiring links (from journaling to gratitude)


(Every week, I  publish a series of inspiring links. Enjoy this week’s round up on journaling & gratitude and have an attitude of gratitude everyday!)

How to make your journal a source of great ideas for your stories

Your golden key for creativity & inspiration- right at your fingertips!

Journal writing tips: Re-inspire your writing

The blessings in disguise we don’t realize we’ve received

Overcome ‘blankophobia’ & create something beautiful-How to break in a blank journal

Leo Babauta tells Why living a life of gratitude can make you happy? and also some tips to practise gratitude on daily basis.

Gratitude is just a sentence away

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