Inspiring links (from kindness)


(Every week, I  publish a series of inspiring links. I hope this week’s round-up inspires you to do random acts of kindness!)

This week was super hectic as I was volunteering in a village after my work hours. I along with another Art of Living teacher took the rural part I course in that village which ended today with amazing experiences of participants after Sudarshan Kriya.

Google Hangout with Sri Sri: Watch Video (A unique dialogue between spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, world leaders and people around the globe on how to reduce violence in society.)

Courtney Carver talks about busy work v/s good work in her post Curb the busyness of business ( Luckily this week ,I did more good work than busy work!)

Create meaning by helping others ( without doing it for validation)

Act of kindness turns into free coffee for hundreds of customers

The Master’s hand

34 little ways to share with the world

Love and blessings,