Inspiring links (from health to happiness)

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(Every week, I publish a series of inspiring links.Today on World Health Day, I wish you health & happiness. Enjoy!)

5 secrets to weight loss

It’s hard to even imagine we can achieve anything without having definite goals, isn’t it? Joshua F. Milburns doesn’t agree! Accomplishments without goals

When you are feeling low, try these Simple strategies for kicking out the blues from Victoria Smith.

Stop comparing yourself with others. Be yourself because Comparison- It’s a losing game

Simplify for your best health

Never satisfied ? It’s time to rethink and take action!

10 tips to relieve depression & heartache

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Inspiring links (from savouring life to making positive changes)


(Every week, I will publish a series of inspiring links. I hope this week’s round-up inspires you to savour life , be creative , make healthy changes and  take challenging challenges to make 2013 your best year till date!)

How to savor life

I want life, not a lifestyle

6 practical steps to getting creative

Getting what you want while loving what you have

5 mostly doable challenges to try this year

25 healthy changes you can make today

10 things that are non-negotiable

and last but not the least, for all the avid readers out there The ultimate book list by Courtney Carver

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