Inspiring links (from minimalism to contentment)


(Every week, I publish a series of inspiring links. Enjoy this week’s round up from minimalism to contentment!)

3 ways to feel good when things seem bad

Joshua Becker writes about how minimalism is less about the things you remove and more about the things you add in his post Minimalism:Addition not subtraction

Create more, Consume less

It can feel good to let go, and by letting go, you are freeing yourself. Letting go of fake needs.

Be great and full and abundance will dawn in your life.

Contentment is more important than happiness. Learn how to go from being unhappy with yourself to being content?  A guide to practical contentment

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Inspiring links (from savouring life to making positive changes)


(Every week, I will publish a series of inspiring links. I hope this week’s round-up inspires you to savour life , be creative , make healthy changes and  take challenging challenges to make 2013 your best year till date!)

How to savor life

I want life, not a lifestyle

6 practical steps to getting creative

Getting what you want while loving what you have

5 mostly doable challenges to try this year

25 healthy changes you can make today

10 things that are non-negotiable

and last but not the least, for all the avid readers out there The ultimate book list by Courtney Carver

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