Inspiring Links (from devotion to happiness)


(Every week, I  share a series of inspiring links which I think are worth reading. Enjoy this week’s round up!)

  1. Bullet journaling is awesome.
  2. The meaning of true devotion is beautifully illustrated in this parable as the intensity of desire that we need to have.
  3. You could control the breath, and make it behave as you like … or you can simply let yourself breathe.
  4. Feel the feelings, drop the story.
  5. In today’s stressful times, being happy almost seems like a task or a project. Happiness decoded!
  6. What love has brought together let no man bring asunder. Or you could say “what God has joined together let no man bring asunder”. Get rid of the stress and keep the joining together.
  7. Does minimalism make you complacent?
  8. Life is about change. We grow up, move out, learn, grow, develop. We form opinions. We try new things and discard them if they don’t fit.

Love and blessings,


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