That Alphabet Thing Meme (Blog Marathon Post 20)


                                             My son and I during his last birthday!

The blog marathon challenge is proving to be more difficult than I had anticipated. I have been posting daily on this blog besides writing regularly on hubpages and blogjob. As a result, sometimes I feel tired and sometimes just out of ideas to write about.

Today is one such day and so I decided to do a fun meme from Sunday Stealing. Here it goes:

That Alphabet Thing Meme

A: Accent —  sounds ridiculous!

B: Breakfast — I had fruits today for breakfast due to Ekadashi fast.
C: Chore you hate — Organizing my closet.
D: Dad’s name — Mr. Devinder Singh Walia
E: Essential everyday item — Deodrant
F: Flavor ice cream — Butterscotch
G: Gold or silver — Gold
H: Hometown — Chandigarh
I: Insomnia — I suffer from insomnia often and then I listen to music till I fall asleep.
J: Job title — I left the job in November. I was a Senior Manager in my previous job.
K: Kids — One
M: Mother’s birthplace — Kapurthala
N: Number of significant others — None
O: Overnight hospital stays — Thrice. Last one being for gall bladder surgery.
P: Phobia — I am too scared of lizards. Herpetophobia is the right word for it.
Q: Quick at — Reading
R: Religious affiliation — I prefer to call myself spiritual.
S: Siblings — None
T: Time you wake up — 7 am
U: Unnatural hair colors — I find Neon and Purple hair color quite weird.
V: Vegetable you refuse to eat — Turnip, capsicum and cabbage
W: Worst habit — Biting my nails when I am nervous.
X: X-rays — are electromagnetic radiations.
Y: Yummy — Masala Dosa
Z: Zodiac sign — Cancer

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