Happy New year!


Hi there. Just a quick post today to wish you all a very happy new year. Like the waves of the sea, may this New Year bring you the rare shells of happiness, surprise, love, success and lots of new treasures. Happy New Year!

And to any new readers scouring the internet for suggestions of New Years resolutions, I have one for you ~  Do random acts of kindness every day. Pass on a smile to a stranger, send across a gift to a loved one, hug a friend, express your feelings to the one you love, adopt an animal, sponsor a child’s education, share a meal with someone, read a book to a child, pledge your organs, plant a tree – there is so much you can do! Think beyond yourself. Make this the year of miracles!

My resolution this year is to be kind and compassionate to all and do random acts of kindness everyday.Join me in my journey and be inspired to let go of grudges & embrace love and compassion for all. Remove Hate, Lust, Jealousy, Grudge, Animosity, and Greed from your dictionary this New Year and replace them with Love, Commitment, Support, Compassion, Honesty and Contentment.


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