Best of Spiritualboosters-2014


A special thanks to each of you for making 2013 an incredible year at Spiritualboosters. Though due to some personal engagements, I have not been very regular in posting in last couple of months but still the blog has seen a considerable rise in visitors.Thank you all, for the support and the encouragement.

As it is impossible to avoid “Best of” this time of year, so for my new readers I present the Best of Spiritualboosters 2013:

365 Journal Writing Ideas

What are you grateful for?

365 days of kindness

6 positive emotions reinforced at the slum

Be beautiful: Accept yourself

Why you should meditate daily?

Discover the infinite: Kena Upnishad

Lessons learnt during challenges

Go slow and quiet

Be an early riser

Begin another new chapter and remember that you have 365 days to make every page of the chapter worth remembering when you finish the year. Wishing all of you a wonderful year ahead. Happy 2014!