Wisdom bytes (Sri Sri on 8 ways to peace of mind)


Editor’s Note : True personal enlightenment begins with knowledge. Anybody seeking the universal truth would do well to familiarize themselves with the wisdom by the ancient sages and the great thinkers of today. Wisdom bytes are for you to read, inspire and challenge, shed light, help keep perspective, energize, lead to thinking in a new way and enjoy some immediate gratification. Get inspired…inspire other

8 ways to peace in mind – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

  1. Smile – Only 4 muscles are used to smile. To have a serious face 72 muscles are used. Intelligent people work less by keeping a smile. Doesn’t matter if it is not natural. Fake it till you make it.
  2. Meditation/Sadhna– Why we should do sadhana every day? Our body has billions of cells and these cells function in rotation. The cells that are on duty today will get their slot to work only after some days. That is why we cannot afford to miss even a day’s sadhana. Do at least 20 minutes of meditation daily.
  3. Sing for a few minutes every day. Just for yourself. During this time you need not have to bother about your voice (just like during satsang) and what others will think of it(we have done enough thinking for others lets now take a break from it).
  4. Take a walk for yourself. Sort of Nature work. Feeling the surroundings and feeling our own Self.
  5. Have a bigger goal in life – ‘I want to know the TRUTH’. ‘I want to realize myself’ etc., would be worthy goals.
  6. Service/Seva –Gurudev says – If you do not do seva, you are a burden on the planet. No where He speaks harsh like this. To that extent seva is important.In one of the AMCs, some one asked Guruji how to attain Equanimity of mind.Gurudev answered if you feel sad then Meditate; If you are happy,do seva
  7. Once in a while reflect your life in the context of time and space– Who am I? What i am doing to this world?It makes our worries insignificant and makes us realize how tiny our problems are.
  8. Have faith, shraddha in ourselves, in the Divine or/& in the Master.

All these eight ways are equally important and should be followed daily.


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