Inspiring links (from finance)


(Every week, I  publish a series of inspiring links. Enjoy this week’s round up on finance & saving!)

Bouncing back from financial grief and loss

A common obstacle in saving is not being able to make both ends meet with the kind of money we are making. Is it possible to save money when we are barely keeping our head above water?

55 ways to bounce back from (just about) anything. This isn’t directly related to finance but you can learn a few useful lessons here.

10 ways to save $100 this week

I wish I had one of these 15 coolest piggy banks !

Ask yourself – Do you shop to fill a void? The answer might help you to deal with your financial and decluttering woes.

Why save coins? Because one can build small fortunes by collecting change with a little conscious intent.

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3 thoughts on “Inspiring links (from finance)

  1. I love the white piggy bank! I have a black one just like it.. a great tie-in to your column and inspiring thoughts. Thanks so much for posting and for so much hope in life. Interesting how something so simple as a cute piggy bank tie-in could produce hope and a sense of peace.

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