Wisdom bytes (Sri Sri on Respect & Ego)

Editor’s Note : True personal enlightenment begins with knowledge. Anybody seeking the universal truth would do well to familiarize themselves with the wisdom by the ancient sages and the great thinkers of today .Wisdom bytes are for you to read, inspire and challenge, shed light, help keep perspective, energize, lead to thinking in a new way and enjoy some immediate gratification. Get inspired…inspire others…

Respect & Ego – H.H. Sri Sri Ravishankar

There are two types of respect.

  1. Respect that comes to you because of your position, fame or wealth. This type of respect is impermanent. It can be lost once you lose your wealth or status.
  2. Respect that comes because of your virtues like honesty, kindness, commitment, patience and your smile. This respect, no one can take away.

The less you are attached to your virtues, the more self respect you have. If you get attached to your virtues, you look down upon everybody else, and the virtues start diminishing. Non- attachment to virtues brings the highest self respect.

Often one confuses ego with self esteem. Ego needs the other for comparison; self esteem is just confidence in oneself. For example, a gentleman claims that he is thorough in Mathematics or Geography, this is self esteem. But to say that I know better than you, that is Ego.

Ego simply means lack of respect to the Self.

Ego upsets you very often. Self esteem is immune to getting upset by external factors. In self respect, everything is a game, winning or losing has no meaning, every step is joy, and every move is celebration.


9 thoughts on “Wisdom bytes (Sri Sri on Respect & Ego)

  1. I really enjoyed this post. I think that people (me) forges that defining things really gives more meaning and understanding to the actions you must take to gain what you want. Do you want respect because your rich or because your a good person? I have one crit however you did not talk abut respect gained through fear and intimidation.

    1. This is an excerpt from Sri Sri ‘s talk. I think, respect gained through fear or intimidation is not respect at all. Respect comes from heart, not through force.

      1. Yeah, they use force and this is because of their ego. And this ego doesn’t let us differentiate between true respect and respect gained through wealth,position or intimidation.

    1. Guruji has been transforming the lives of millions with his words of wisdom and charity works for the under-privileged. Lucky to have him as my Master πŸ™‚

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